Just as I ever imagined,
nothing is as I ever imagined.
Never mind what I was dreaming of.
Never mind that dreams are wearing off
at the seams.
And it really seems
that I‘m losing ground.
And I think I found
no lasting justification
for continious perpetration
of this crime called daily life.
Cuts me deeper than a knife
to wake up to questionmarks
that give birth to tiny sparks
of a hope for resurrection.
And I feel it‘s time for action.
Yet I‘m trapped in fear of imperfection.
Let me find a new connection
to my longing inner child.
Let my dreams again go wild
so that they may then ignite
a nourishing light
to guide me out of the night
to that place that just feels right.

(Copyright Ines Langs, March 7, 2019)

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