Tattoo Taboo

„Can I touch your tattoo?“
is the question that you
ask me softly and shy.
I say no, and you ask „Why?“
„Cause my skin feels the same,
even if now there‘s a flame
and a phoenix on the rise.
What you need to realize,
is that if you touch my arm,
it might do us harm,
in a way we never knew before:
You might want to touch me more.
More of my body, all of my skin.
No, there‘s no use to begin
a game that might get dangerous,
when both of us get ravenous
for each other‘s kiss and touch.
So I just tell you that much:
By touching my tattoo
you‘d be breaking a taboo,
which might take us too far
and leave us with a scar
not on our skin, but on our hearts.
So let‘s end it, before it even starts.“

(Copyright Ines Langs, 05.02.2022)

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