It’s About Humans

These days leave me speechless,
deeply shaken with anger and fear.
Even worse: I feel like I‘m utterly useless.
Raising my single voice, yet there‘s noone to hear.

But what if we raised our voices
in one big choir-like scream,
to wake those who still think there are choices,
to make them realize it‘s not about a scheme?

A scheme like in a game of chess,
where you plan your next move ahead
and you try to make a promising guess
at what your opponent might be up to, or placing a bet.

No! It‘s about humans with a soul and a heart.
They are not born to be pawns in a game.
All this cynical talk tears my heart apart!
Have you lost the ability to feel shame?

Yes you! With the big talk of political matters,
without even an inch of empathy
for those, whose home this wargame shatters.
I‘m sorry – no I‘m not – you‘ve lost my sympathy.

(Copyright Ines Langs, 24.02.2022)

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